About Atul Kalaskar

Hi Guys,

That’s me, Atul Kalaskar. I was born and brought up in Pune and did spend 9 years in US of A. I have been working as Software Solution Architect till March 2009.

I was fascinated by Hydroponics and it’s business implications and thus I am now involved in it full time.


20 Responses to “About Atul Kalaskar”

  1. Jagdishchandra Desai Says:

    Dear Shri Atul,
    I am really glad that you have aquired skill i hydroponics and its application in strawberry cultivation. Please send me some details to start with just half vigha land area. And alternative economic facility for application need be worked out. Let us talk in hundreds and not crores.
    G I rain water collecting ducts half round can be best utilised. what do you say? My contact number is 09879862132 (presently out of instrument i.e. lost).

    • atulkalaskar Says:

      Hi JC,

      Do take a look at this video link.

      Question of hundreds or crores really comes into picture once you decide what you want, seasonal crop or year round crop.

      Seasonal crop when nature is favoring it, cost very less but the problem is you are not the only one producing it and thus you are subjected to market pricing which gets lower and lower and thus can’t make a living out of it.

      Once you choose year round or off season production then you dictate the price and you get it but for that you need to invest and i mean invest big because with smaller investment, you will produce small quantity and thus will not be able to dictate the market.

      So one needs to make a proper choice.

  2. Gurbachan Singh Says:

    HI Atul,

    I would really like to visit ur farm to study more about the HydroPonic system, only with all due of your permission. So can you please send me your contact number and also address of your farm…



    Gurbachan Singh,
    mo : 9323538885

  3. Atul Kalaskar Says:

    Now you can buy Nutrients on e-bay.
    Search Hydroponic Nutrient Mix on e-bay

  4. Lims Chandran Says:

    Hi Atul,

    I am new to agriculture and i am willing to invest in it. i started cultivating in small scale just to understand the process and found that there is lot of issues with type of soil, nutrients in soil for the corps, watering the crops etc. So i thought of putting new a green house to solve some problems that is when i heard of hydroponics. while searching the net i found your reference from agricultureinformation.com. kindly inform how you do it and which is the best crops that can be developed in this system. i would like to try out in small scale first and then multiply further.

    • atulkalaskar Says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks indeed for your interest and I think you are on the right track. Trying out in small scale will give you the confidence to go for bigger goals. all you need is few plastic pots, coco peat, nutrients (buy them on e-bay) and plants and you are ready to roll with your hydroponic experimentation. You can plant things like Tomato, cucumber, color capsicum, strawberries or green veggies. Barring strawberries all will do well all through the year.

      Of course there is lot of to commercial hydroponic cultivation compare to this trial version but of course purpose here is to get the confidence. I would suggest you start with coco peat based media and then move on to various other methods such as NFT and DFT.

      Any crop can be grown hydroponically in theory but your decision should be based on sound economically viable business plan. So I would suggest you study the crop that you wish to grow. We at Nature’s Best have chosen Strawberry, Melons, Cucumbers, peppers, Ginger, Garlic and lettuce as commercially viable crops. This does not mean other are not, all it means is that we have not researched them yet.

      When you wish to go commercial we have a different model which works on franchisee style where by all growers associated with us will be able to sell their produce under a brand name and thus getting nationwide recognition. For example in next 2 years we expect Nature’s Best Strawberries to be available in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Calcutta. All these growers will benefit from national exposure and of course the quality which will be unparalleled.

      Fell free to contact me on my e-mail atulkalaskar@yahoo.com for any questions or queries.

      Best Regards

      Atul Kalaskar.


    I went through your web site and have made a project report for submission to NHB for growing gerbera, carnation and coloured capsicum under polyhouse at Hyderabad. I pland about 2160 SQM Gerbera, 1008 SQM for carnation and Capsicum each. I would be very interested in trying out strawberries too if I could get the knowhow. Is it possible for me to visit you and discuss and have a look at your farm. Regards, Nitin Rameshchandra.

  6. Paul, Chandigarh Says:

    Dear Mr. Atul,

    Its really nice that you are doing this and simultaneously promoting it for a cause, Seen you comments and participation in various blogs etc.

    I too am interested in Hydroponic as a hobby and sustainable living idea. Though i am not yet convinced if it is viable at this stage from technology and financial aspect. Also sometime i feel if this can be so useful why government is not promoting this technology.

    Anyways, If you can guide a provide some basic information on ponics it would be great. i am looking to set a small ponic garden in my back yard. Do you think this will be possible to achieve without professional technical assistance.

    Many thanks

    • atulkalaskar Says:

      Though i am not yet convinced if it is viable at this stage from technology and financial aspects.
      Yes, it is absolutely important factor of any business. We have seen during dot com bust years that every other guy with a garage and a business plan thought they could build Amazon and e-bay. Some of us who invest more time to gather knowledge and expertise may find it viable and will enter early on commercial scale, others may realize later on and will eneter late, but here it is better to be late than blind follower. So please try all models, options, methods till you yourself get a good grip and then enter this field.

      Also sometime i feel if this can be so useful why government is not promoting this technology?
      Can you suggest one scheme which was initiated by the Govt which changed your life?

      Do you think this will be possible to achieve without professional technical assistance.
      yes, you can very well do all your gardening using basic fertilizers etc. Search the net and you will get a lot of good assistance on how to create your own back yard systems. At the end of the day your interest, your ideas, your knowledge of plants and your desire to see it succeed alone will determine if your project is a success or failure. So good luck.

  7. Gaurav Says:

    Dear Atul,

    I have started reading about hydroponics and am very interested in learning more. After doing some reading I have a few questions about the concept:
    a) Where do you get the bumblebees required for pollination? (or any other pollinating agent)
    b) What is the system of generating CO2 in the greenhouse? Is it cost efficient?
    c) Where do you get the medium required and which are the best ones to use?
    d) What exactly is your franchisee model?


    • atulkalaskar Says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      Thanks indeed for your interest.

      a) Where do you get the bumblebees required for pollination? (or any other pollinating agent)
      We use normal honey bees though search for bumble bee continues.
      b) What is the system of generating CO2 in the greenhouse? Is it cost efficient?
      We use fan pad greenhouse and thus CO2 enrichment is not feasible. It is really very important but can only be done in fully closed greenhouses but in our conditions those are impossible to cool. my research on that is still on.
      c) Where do you get the medium required and which are the best ones to use?
      I use coco peat which we get from Kerala. It is the best because it’s organic, it’s cheap and it is available locally.
      d) What exactly is your franchisee model?
      It is still under review. Do not have a full scope defined yet due to concept which is so new in India. Once we have some sort of track record we will dish it out.

      Our strawberry farm will start in Pune soon and first produce is expected in March 12. That’s when you should plan to visit.

  8. Gaurav Says:

    Dear Atul,

    I have some more questions, hope you don’t mind:

    a) Which variety of strawberry do you plant and what are the prices for a transplant?
    b) Yields?
    c) Average prices during the season?
    d) What is the biggest item in operating expenses?
    e) How much operating expense will be required for one season apart from the starting capital?


  9. Kirti Says:

    Hi Atul,
    Some questions regarding the hydroponic system you are using:
    a) What type of containers are you using(polygal troughs or coir bags) and where to procure them from?
    b) Is the planting density same in both?
    c) Coir bags wil provide more volume per plant. Does that mean it will give more yield?
    d) is it really possible to achieve yields of more than 500 g per plant?
    e) And last if possible i would really like to know the cost of setup per metre square.(is it more than 1500 per square metre)

    i have been reading the research material available on the net from University of Florida.

    i am planning to go to the horticulture training centre next week for the one week course on greenhouse.

    How can i get hold of the information on the strawberry project?

  10. Lenord Melvix Says:

    Dear Atul,
    I am Lenord Melvix doing 3rd B.E. in Anna University. I am currently doing research on development of Setup which automates the cultivation process of aeroponics technique all by itself and reduces human involvement in this type of cultivation. You have been doing a great job with Hydroponics , I would like to talk to you in person and discuss if you can help us to develop our technology . We require real time datas of plants growing under hydroponic technique.

    With regards
    Lenord Melvix

  11. Vinay Upasani Says:

    Hi Atul,

    I hope you remember me, dating back 20 years before, IBM course on Deccan and magic software….

    I am Infosys and in Melbourne….

    While surfing the web, out of interest about farming, hydroponics and related aspects, i accidentally came across your blog, etc and was really pleased to know that you are in Pune and doing something in Agriculture in new ways.

    I am in Pune right now and thought of catching up with you

    My mobile number is +919404317034

    I do not have your mobile.. Can you pls call me so that we can chat and catch up sometime in this / next week


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